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Children learn as much through play as they do in the classroom environment, thus the best way to learn is through wooden playground equipment. BrookhouseUK provides a wide range of rugged and inspiration play arenas, at the pinnacle of H&S accreditation. Our outdoor play areas are equipped with the best quality, and design to make your pupils learn through play!

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Inspiring Timber MUGA & Wooden Playground Equipment

Children grow by using their imagination. A wooden ship becomes a pirate galleon on the high seas, a playground tower range becomes a fortress, impenetrable to all foes. Imaginative activities within outdoor play areas bring out the magic and enhance a child’s learning in a safe and controllable space. Outdoor play areas encourages group interaction and fosters a mind-set of challenge and collaboration.

Creating inspiring outdoor play areas is in our blood, we’ve been transforming how children play for over forty five years and we’ve proud of that.

Each outdoor play area we design is different from the last and every memory that children foster from our outdoor play area is a job well done.

We offer a wide range of outdoor play area styles, equipment and more from Timber MUGA, to Toddler Towers, to Clamber Stacks to more!


Our types of Outdoor Play Equipment

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Play parks have evolved so much in the past few decades and your outdoor space is a valuable resource in the educational day. BrookhouseUK, as with everything we do, strive to be at the pinnacle of our industry and work with some of the best play area manufacturers and suppliers in Europe. Whether you are looking for a small modular play space or a full multi-group exercise course, BrookhouseUK have the creative ideas to get your project airborne.


From trim trails to mounds to tunnels and exercise ranges Brookhouse UK work with you to provide the best outdoor play systems for your space and age group. All our modular systems can be created in a range of deployments in a range of different colours and are compliant with the latest industrial safety accreditations. We supply multiple styles of flooring; from traditional wet-pour rubber to artificial grass and matting. Let BrookhouseUK create the perfect outdoor space!


There is no better feeling within the outdoor play team than experiencing the excitement of a grand opening of one of our outdoor play arenas. We are constantly inspired by the process of design through to installation. It’s one of our favourite undertakings. From initial consultation, where we assess the age range, suitability and design the build, though to design and delivery, we constantly get excited by the possibilities of our outdoor play installations.

Recent Refurbishment projects

Every job we undertake begins with pride. Pride in our work, pride in our history and pride in the feedback we receive.

Looking for a little space identity?

Trust BrookhouseUK to invigorate your environment. Our experiences and passion resonates through everything we do. Functionality is the key to perfecting Spatial Design. How things look to the eye and feel to the touch are only half the solution.

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