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A clean, modern and expertly designed office refurbishment is key to your workforce; key to positive productivity and key to creative thinking. Providing clients with office fit out and office interior design services for over 45 years.

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You may be wondering “How can I get the most out of my office space?”, here at BrookhouseUK we focus our efforts to provide great quality advice and project management to let you soar. Big ideas happen when clarity proceeds. Inspire your staff with a clearly designed space, tailor-made for your industry and needs. Nothing is more conducive to productivity than an inspirational environment. A clear space promotes clear thinking. Your company deserves maximum productivity and an intelligently designed office space powers positivity and focus. Leave the “How can I get the best out of my office space” question at home!

Office renovations / Office Refurbishment can be a tough time, working with us to provide you with a great level of office fitout and we will provide you with the best office furniture around. We’re office fit-out specialists and we are experienced.

Providing office design in London for the last 45 years, we’ve built up a rapport with our clients, and work with our customers for a long period of time. We believe in a respectful working relationship.

We offer bespoke office furniture to a wide range of clients all over the country, so whether you need office refurbishment in london, essex, or wales. We’ve got you covered!



Perfect Corporate Office Space Refurbishment

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We work with your initial concept, listening and building a design plan in perfect synergy with your needs; whether you require a partial refit or a complete spatial refurbishment. From light and space to educational (or office) furniture, your dedicated project manager will engage and evaluate your current space – assessing what works well and what needs to be improved upon – to form an understanding of how your organisation functions at its best. Our experience in space planning is key to ensuring staff and students alike will be more in-tune and more productive in their new space.


Whether you require a science lab, food tech room, IT room or library we design an inspired concept that you and your staff will love. We focus on ‘symbiotic harmony’ – harmonising light and space in your refurbishment, as design ideas come together as one. Our team of specialist designers collaborate with the project team to produce a design that inspires, excites, and works for you. At each, and every, stage your project consultant will keep you updated with the design concepts; adjusting where necessary as we work together to create your perfect vision.


We are extremely proud of our track record, a testament to our dedication towards delivering projects that are on time, on budget and a delight to our clients. Your qualified BrookhouseUK Project Manager manages every detail towards delivery, working closely with your design brief and any ongoing advancements. Our industry leading project manager’s work through the night to ensure your project runs smoothly. Your reputation is our reputation, and this is why BrookhouseUK continues to thrive at the pinnacle of our industry.

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Every job we undertake begins with pride. Pride in our work, pride in our history and pride in the feedback we receive.

Looking for a little space identity?

Trust BrookhouseUK to invigorate your environment. Our experiences and passion resonates through everything we do. Functionality is the key to perfecting Spatial Design. How things look to the eye and feel to the touch are only half the solution.

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