School Furniture for Hamadryad Primary School

Hamadryad Primary School approached us as they needed school furniture from school furniture specialists. We worked hard to make sure that that all of the school furniture was fitted and ready for use in Hamadryad primary school.

Hamadryad Primary School’s Educational Furniture

As school furniture suppliers we know a thing or two about good, and reliable school furniture. Hamadryad Primary School wanted a partner that could provide them with high quality educational furniture so they chose the school furniture specialists, BrookhouseUK to provide all fitted furniture in a timely matter.

Hamadryad Primary School’s project was a big one and required over 250 pieces of educational furniture. Working alongside Hamadryad was a good experience and we learnt their needs, and wants very quickly. Hamadryad Primary School needed the whole school refurbished from the ground up, we kitted out many rooms and provided with top of the range school furniture. We know, as educational furniture specialists that good educational furniture makes a massive difference.

The client wanted to generate an environment that children can flourish in and believes the right way to do that is to surround the children in an environment that they’d love, the belief are Hamadryad is that learning isn’t learning when it’s fun! From artistic pieces on the walls, to modular ‘funky’ desks we kitted out this primary school with the latest in school furniture to calm the children and promote healthy learning. We provided upgraded washrooms, cloak rooms and several classrooms, overall it was over 600 pieces of furniture and more!

Pieces of Furniture

Days Taken

Rooms Furnished

Outdoor Play Areas

School Furniture Suppliers?

A key area Hamadryad wanted to expand upon and upgrade was the outdoor play area they had, we removed what they had and upgraded it with the latest outdoor play area timber! New toys, play areas and climbing trails for the pupils and staff to enjoy for the years to come. It’s no surprise that the entire atmosphere at Hamadryad has changed for the better, giving the community a school to be proud. Pupils look forward to going every day! All the school furniture we provided will stand the test of time and be enjoyed for many years to come!

After proving why we’re the #1 school furniture suppliers we began to show Hamadryad different ways that they can transform the environment, whether that’s by looking at expanding upon and looking at some interactive whiteboards to use with their teacher walls / storage walls.

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