Haringey Sixth Form College - Outdoor Breakout Area

Haringey Sixth Form College required an outdoor breakout area to encourage students to eat on-site!

haringey sixth form college

The Challenge

Haringey Sixth Form College needed to improve the area where students eat and make it a much nicer and attractive environment for them.  Students tended to visit food outlets outside the school during lunchbreaks which meant increased risk along with a loss of revenue for the college canteen. The college did not want big enclosed areas but a mix of shelters and inviting eating/relaxing areas. In addition to the canteen service, they wanted to be able to supply hot snacks and drinks within the area too.

The Solution

The two central courtyards were identified as the best locations to create an attractive breakout area. The original plan was to carry out a phased refurbishment due to budget restraints, however BrookhouseUK brought together our Design & Consultancy team and was able to come up with a value-engineered design that provided a perfect solution for what the College was looking for. This enabled both courtyards to be completed as one project. The College brand guidelines were extremely important to Haringey Sixth Form College and the outside area design strongly represented these perfectly.

We Provided

  • Outdoor Design & Consultancy
  • Space Planning/3D Visuals
  • Project Management
  • Decking from sustainably-farmed wood fibres and recycled plastic
  • External Solid Grade Laminate Furniture
  • Bespoke stage seating 
  • Artificial Grass
  • Paving Slabs
  • Outdoor Planters
  • Foodservice container
  • Electrics and Lighting
  • Brand Signage
  • Sail Canopy

5 Shelters

Loose Furniture

Fixed Seating

Fixed Seating

Serving Container

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