LiquidLine's Office Renovation

Complete office refurb project for a commericla coffee machine company. To begin with LiquidLine needed a modern office, however after we had completed that project they asked for more. As a result of our service and ability shown in this project it won us more work such as; breakroom refurbishment, washroom refurbishment and more office refurb work.

LiquidLine’s Breakroom Refurbishment

LiquidLine were looking for a partner who understood their needs and therefore could produce their vision. Before working with BrookhouseUK Liquid Line had an office that was run down, and in dire need of office renovation. After finally speaking to Eddie the project manager they were on the road to a modern office space. Soon after dealing with us the office became a talking point and something respected by other companies as a result of our hardwork.

New Desks

Ergonomic Chairs

New Bathrooms

Bespoke Seating Areas

Our Solution

BrookhouseUK understood the needs of the client and went above and beyond to provide a solid service. Subsequently winning any future work from the company. After completing the office renovation we were tasked with breakroom refurbishment and washroom refurbishment. Before now LiquidLine still had the stock office which was boring and not very space saving so then they contacted Brookhouse.

Working together with LiquidLine has been a great project and besides the extra work, we still maanged to bring it in under price, and sooner than we originally thought. Our experience coupled with our passion for interior renovations allowed us to get this project done sooner. In short we believe that the project was a huge success and we regularly keep in touch with Liquid Line to see how it’s holding up! Liquid Line have said that they still love the office renovation and office refurb that we did.

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