LiquidLine's Office Renovation

Complete office refurb project for a commericla coffee machine company. To begin with LiquidLine needed a modern office, however after we had completed that project they asked for more. As a result of our service and ability shown in this project it won us more work such as; breakroom refurbishment, washroom refurbishment and more office refurb work.

LiquidLine’s Breakroom Refurbishment

We initially worked with LiquidLine, a commercial coffee machine company, to provide them with a
totally refreshed, modernised office space. Once they saw the finalised result and improvements we had made to their workspace, they enlisted our further help in working with them as they were so impressed with our passion-led capabilities in office refurbishment.

We won them over with our on-hands approach to providing quality service; this is something many of our clients are captivated by, time and time again. Since, we have helped LiquidLine with the refurbishment of their breakroom and washroom, as well as additional office refurbishments. This has led to the ongoing development of a continuing connection with them as a company, allowing us to evaluate and reflect upon how the changes we implement have improved the workspace. As a company, we revere in the long-standing relationships that we work to develop with clients, building a rapport with them over time that allows us to even better fulfil their needs due to our increased understanding in the way their organisation operates.

New Desks

Ergonomic Chairs

New Bathrooms

Bespoke Seating Areas

Our Solution

Office Workspace quickly realised the necessities required to construct a modernised working environment for LiquidLine, ultimately increasing overall workforce performance. Their old, timeworn office space was in dire need of a transformation, and it is now clear that we revolutionised the company’s workspace.

Their re-designed breakroom now stands out as a major success, improving work ethic as staff can relax more efficiently and return to work feeling rejuvenated. We installed warm-toned lighting that complemented the cosy seating areas, avoiding the use of harsh fluorescent lights often found in office settings. To us, it’s important not to blur the lines between work and relaxation, as we think staff breaktimes should be spent winding down.

We worked tirelessly to provide LiquidLine with a carefully re-designed working atmosphere that actually came in under budget. Despite the extra work we were tasked with, the whole project was accomplished even sooner than we had originally anticipated. This expresses the outstanding capabilities of our exceedingly talented team in working meticulously with clients in order to produce remarkable results.

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