Heston Community

Heston Community approached us for washroom refurbishment for their establishment, we stripped out the previous washroom and provided them with a brand new, and stylish washroom.

Heston Community’s Washroom Refurbishment

Heston Community approached us as they needed a washroom refurbishment of their rundown and used facilities. After fitting brand new lavatories, privacy dividers, urinals, sinks, taps and hand drying facilities we have completely modernised their previously dull facilities.

Adopting a modern and simplistic design that would last for decades, it is clear now that the state of the brand new washrooms is now creative, and an inviting atmosphere. Using automatic taps and hand drying systems to reduce the transfer of bacteria is just one of the many ways we have inspired this washroom facility at Heston Community. Fitting new tiling, paint and lighting has made this once bland room, more alive than ever.

Working with Heston Community was a project that we are very proud of, here at BrookhouseUK, we worked with Heston and went through designs and initial briefings to understand the clients each and every requirement to make sure that they are satisfied with the result.

It is clear in the pictures below that the washroom was a huge success and will be remembered for decades to come.

Privacy Dividers

Urinals / Toilets

Stainless Steel Taps

Power Saving Lights

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