Crown Lane Primary Washroom Refurbishment

Crown Lane Primary School approached us for washroom refurbishment for boys and girls washrooms, as well as a new staffroom design for their hard-working members of faculty.

Crown Lane’s Washroom Refurbishment

Brookhouse UK was given the privilege of being tasked with the washroom refurbishment of some of Crown Lane Primary School and Children’s Centre facilities. Located in Lambert Square, London, the school got in touch with us as they wanted to work closely with a reputable educational refurbishment company that could help them achieve the results they were looking for.

As a company, we have taken great pride in the reaction from the school’s faculty, pupils and parents alike. This demonstrates our potential for creating functional facilities that impress a wide range of ages! Our dedication to designing new environments and facilities that suit our ever-changing modern world is now more paramount than ever, and we endeavor to keep building upon this dedication as we transform educational facilities throughout the London area.

Ofsted described the school as being “highly inclusive,” a phrase that represents their dedication to providing excellent educational facilities for a range of students. Achieving and respecting true diversity is one of the key goals they strive towards as a community, and this is evident throughout the designs we implemented throughout the premises.

Crown Lane was also recently awarded the IQM Centre of Excellence award for 2019 – 2020. Within this report, the children have demonstrated how pleased and proud they were to be able to show off their new facilities. As inclusion remains something the school focuses on, their new gender-neutral toilet provisions allow the children to learn more about the idea of diversity within their thoughtfully designed educational settings.

At Brookhouse UK, we firmly believe that a child’s learning environment can have a strong influence on how they learn as individuals. We therefore implement our years of expertise in designing functional, dynamic spaces for students of any background to learn from. Even from outside the classroom, the provision of essential facilities that are designed with the students in mind is crucial to their educational development.

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