Eaton Square School Refurbishment

Eaton Square Primary School approached us for a total school refurbishment with over 20 rooms that needed refurbishment with brand new education furniture and washroom facilities.

Eaton Square’s School Refurbishment

Eaton Square is a collective of co-educational schools based in the heart of London. The school believes in the importance of receiving a strong educational background, taking pupils all the way from the young stage of Early Years, right through to Senior School. After Eaton Square heard about our proficiency in designing learning spaces for some of the country’s brightest students, we worked alongside them in order to develop new facilities for their growing school premises.

Engaging Educational Programmes

Eaton Square’s collective concentrates on engaging educational programmes for all ages. Rather than providing pupils with ineffective learning content, they prefer to encourage students to work in a hands-on manner in ways that will enhance their learning experience. We therefore aspired to create motivational spaces where students feel encouraged to get involved – taking as much as they can from these crucial years of education as they possibly can.

In keeping with Eaton Square’s traditional outlook infused with innovative practices, we designed modern environments that will serve the school for many years to come. We helped the school expand their capabilities by designing functional yet vibrant spaces where children can reach their full potential. At Brookhouse UK, we believe educational environments should be stimulating. That’s why we take great joy in developing new surroundings that incorporate a mixture of both function and form.

The recent expansion made to their premises allows incoming students to fully engage with their lively new environment. Utilising bright colours and clean open spaces infused with a mixture of natural elements such as wooden finishes, they are surrounded by an inspiring atmosphere that they can surely thrive within. Great design shouldn’t be forgotten about or dismissed when creating educational spaces; and we’re dedicated to providing Britain’s best schools with the tools they need to help nurture the students of tomorrow.


Teacher Walls

Stunning Art Room

Collaborative Areas

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