St Marylebone C of E School - Washrooms Refurbishment

St Marylebone C of E School required a refurbishment of their washrooms.

ST marylebone c of e school

The Challenge

St Marylebone C of E school desperately needed a refurbishment of their existing washrooms. They needed to do this ASAP and could not wait until the next summer holidays to get this work done. The school were also experiencing student behaviour issues due to the standard height cubicles and sinks currently in their washrooms.

The Solution

Firstly, BrookhouseUK needed to look at how the project could be carried out with as little disruption to the school as possible. The half-term holiday was identified as a potential time period to work around. A very tight and detailed project critical path was created and the works were carried out one week on either side of the holidays. It was important that there were still facilities during the term time and the Year 12/13 washroom started the week before the holidays and was completed at the end of the break. The disabled/visitor toilet was refurbished during the holidays and the Years 7/8 toilet started in the holidays and finished one week into the term time.

Working during the term-time is what BrookhouseUK specialises in. We are able to be successful at this because of our understanding and experience of how schools operate and the discipline of our workforce which is enhanced DBS certified. We created a design concept with full height cubicles to reduce the issues they were having and also specified a trough and automatic infrared taps to stop the students from filling up the basins and making them overflow. The solid grade laminate school washroom system has floor track both on the pilasters and the partitions to achieve an extremely robust washroom that will last for years to come. All fittings are also bolted through to ensure no damage to the laminate.

We Provided

  • Washroom Design & Consultancy
  • Space Planning/3D Visuals
  • Project Management
  • Full height Solid Grade Laminate School Washroom Cubicles
  • Full Height Solid Grade Laminate IPS
  • One Button Flush Cisterns
  • Decoration & Hygiene Wall Cladding
  • Solid Surface Trough
  • Vinyl Flooring
  • Electrics and Lighting
  • Ventilation
  • DDA toilet

Automatic Taps

Doc M

Solid Surface

Full Height

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