School Refurbishment for St Jude's

Ultimately, we felt we achieved a great deal in transforming St Jude’s educational spaces,
and they were extremely pleased with the results. We are determined that
the designed school refurbishment will inspire children for years to come, all while reminding them of the
core values upheld by the school.

St Jude’s – School Refurbishment

At BrookhouseUK, we’re known for our expertise in transforming and designing stimulating
spaces for the educational sector. As a result of our growing success within the London area,
we were recently tasked with refurbishing elements of St Jude’s Church of England Primary
School, based in Lambeth, South London.

While revamping spaces, we strive to weave components of each of our client’s values into
every corner. We keep their principles at the forefront of our minds throughout the process,
from the initial surveying of the area to the final implementation of our design ideas. This
ensures that the resulting outcome is one brimming with personality, a space that is infused
with the very foundations that the organisation itself is built upon.

This is something we at BrookhouseUK believe should maintain the key focus of any
refurbishment project, as we understand how matching a physical space to an
organisation’s ethos can be exponentially beneficial in a number of ways. It reminds
teachers of the values they are hired to demonstrate to pupils in their classes, motivating
them to incorporate these morals into lessons. It reinforces the parents’ levels of
satisfaction in knowing they’ve selected the right school that will instil these life-long
lessons of virtue and morality within their children. Finally, it prompts the children to
remember that they represent the school and its ideals at all times, whether they’re in or
outside of the classroom.

Pieces of Furniture

Reception Area

Refurbished Storage Room

Ceiling Refurbishment

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