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Nothing inspires more than an environment that engages all our senses. Invigorate your mind with the look, touch and feel of a BrookhouseUK space. We cater to small, to medium to large scale worldwide academy trusts. 

Washroom Refurbishment by BrookhouseUK

We can create inspiring, creative and reliable washroom facilities for your school.

Laboratory Refurbishment by BrookhouseUK

Inspiring children to get into science is a skill we’re proud of. We look to create the future scientist’s step by step.

ICT Suites by BrookhouseUK

We help to create the perfect ICT Suite by combining our knowledge of IT systems, with design and practicality.

Libraries by BrookhouseUK

We can create harmonious reading and study environments for your school, academy or college.

Inspiring School
Refurbishment Services

The exact science of creating inspirational spaces to enhance positivity, productivity and focus. In the educational industry it offers the potential to stimulate staff and student alike, increase performance via sensory harmony. Providing powerful space planning services for the educational industry in London and the surrounding counties! 

With over 45 years of experience, designing and inspiring school refurbishment in London and the surrounding counties, BrookhouseUK are constantly re-imagining the environments of thousands of people. Inspiring spaces to embody a harmonious environment, our joy is creating atmospheres conducive to positivity, energy and focus. Whether you’re looking for space design, space planning or some place identity we’ve got it covered. Providing our network of clients with fantastic educational refurbishment services.

As a third-generation family business with over forty years of customer service excellence, BrookhouseUK ensures we go the extra mile for our clients. From initial meetings through to conceptual briefings and delivery, we work with you at every stage to ensure total satisfaction. This is the BrookhouseUK way.

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Our Recent Projects

We work with many schools and organisations to provide the country with office refurbishment, school refurbishment, educational furniture and more!

Davis Construction

We were approached by Davis
Construction who were looking for
a fresh new office reconfiguration
for their company.

Increasing Employee Morale With Great Office Design

Increasing Employee Morale with Great Office Design The way you lay out your office can have a transformative impact on the efficiency of your employees, but also how they feel about coming to work each and every day. Far too often company culture is the only thing...

Inviting Reception Design

The reception designs of a school or business often reflects the representation of the bodies that inhabit them. These can be used to improve an academy or businesses mark and provide a luxurious, original and creative reception area design for pupils and colleagues...

School Library Refurbishment

Riveting School Library Refurbishment is step one to creating an environment that can create memories. Visualise you're hacking your way through a sinister jungle, or running for your life through an antique temple. Long gone are the times of tedious libraries and...

Why Are Teacher Walls On The Rise?

We've been getting a lot of questions lately, and one of the more frequent ones is what are teacher walls and teacher storage walls, and why are they becoming so popular? We've prepared a few bits of information to help you know whether getting a teacher storage wall...

Dynamic Staffroom Refurbishment

We write a lot about how we can make the daily lives of your pupils better. We've realised we have been neglecting staff members! Teachers and faculty deserve a dynamic and creative staffroom for their everyday use! Here at BrookhouseUK, we have been providing...

Stylish ICT Suite Refurbishment

Are you currently looking for fashionable ICT suite refurbishment? We are partners with various computer organisations so that we can fulfil the technology as well as create stylish ICT suites for you. Our dedicated Brookhouse project managers are on-hand to advise...

Inspiring School Lab Refurbishment

Working with schools and education centres all over the nation, we have chosen to highlight school lab refurbishments this month. We can present you with a complete turn-key solution for all your school lab refurbishment requirements. Are you interested in improving...

Inspiring Engagement with Interactive UHD Boards

Imagine an English lesson. A stuffy classroom, pale wallpaper, and an anxious atmosphere. With children, heads down in their books as their teacher reels off inspirational quotes... Desperate to ring just one ounce of engagement from their lesson weary class. The...

5 Office Relocation Mistakes That Cost You Money!

Office relocation services can be stressful! If you're after help moving office then read this article! There are so many elements that need to be monitored and adapted to make sure that the process is as simplistic as possible, you may only need office space planning...

Food Technology Rooms – William Ellis

William Ellis approached as as they wanted to expand upon their food technology quality at their school. Eager to install some new food technology rooms they went with BrookhouseUK. Upon the new release of our website, as highlighted in our other news article here. In...

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