Office Refurb for Brooks Murray

Brooks Murray were looking for a company that can provide office refurbishment in Essex. To begin with an old office to a new haven produced by BrookhouseUK’s skills coupled with their experience.

brooks murray’s Office Refurbishment in essex

Brooks Murray approached us during their search for a company that could develop their disorganised, lacklustre office into a contemporary, innovative haven for their Essex headquarters. 

As an architectural company, it became evident to us that their creatively minded team required an exceptionally well-designed workspace. We were tasked with totally re-thinking the design of their offices, and we succeeded in completely utilising the space within which their team works.

Over the space of just 16 days, we renovated Brooks Murray’s office space, transforming their working atmosphere into one that was entirely synonymous with the company’s ideals.
This short deadline prompted us to work swiftly, proving our efficiency when it comes to developing intelligently thought-out workspaces. Our team are already experts in working diligently to achieve the best outcomes, and this project truly demonstrated our dedication to the industry.

Understanding that our team is exceedingly competent in transforming working atmospheres, Brooks Murray gave us only brief guidelines describing their requirements. We therefore had total creative freedom over how to implement them, and it is clear that we delivered exactly what they were looking for.

We aim to keep spaces as efficient as possible. This supports workforces in maintaining a productive workflow, as the layout of a space is key to running a well-organised office.
One key goal was to devise new solution for their storage spaces, systematically re-organising how they arrange the many files and records that inevitably come with running an architectural business.

As a team, we feel we achieved our goals for this project with great success. We worked passionately to deliver the dream that Brooks Murray had for their much-needed refurbishment.
Our countless improvements to their office spaces will undoubtedly improve the satisfaction and productivity of their workforce for years to come.

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Our Solution

Understanding that we only had a short amount of time within which to complete the project, we knew we had to work exceedingly efficiently as a team. Our years of expertise allowed us to do this, and the outcome undoubtedly expresses our proficiency in office refurbishment.

We quickly realised that Brooks Murray would benefit from a more efficient storage system. This meant we had to discover a suitable way of transforming their old space, while skilfully finding ways to install more storage units.

Alongside this, we reclaimed a large portion of their office space that wasn’t being used resourcefully. As experts in office refurbishment design, we understand that transforming spaces so that they ultimately reach their full potential is crucial. In light of this, we settled on a modern look for the re-design, as our expertise has taught us that uncluttered spaces are significantly more efficient in encouraging an industrious workforce.

In keeping with Brooks Murray’s corporate branding, we applied accents of the colour orange throughout the office. We always endeavour to design spaces that depict the synergy between the working environment and the branding efforts of our clientele. The synchronisation of both the outer brand and inner workspace is crucial in maintaining consistency between the two sides of the company, reminding employees of brand values as they work.

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