Brentwood Prep Classroom Refurbishment

Brentwood Prep asked us for classroom refurbishment in addition to this they also required washroom refurbishment services by Brookhouse. After little time at all we met up and completed the classroom refurb. BrookhouseUK provided Brentwood Prep school with many pieces of furniture such as our famous Teacher Walls / Storage Walls.

Brentwood’s classroom refurbishment

Brentwood Prep School approached us as they felt they needed a refresh and wanted to see the difference that we could make to their space. After stripping everything down we managed to begin from the ground up, creating a modern space from an old classroom. What was at first just a boring room, is now a haven for children to learn the pro-active way. Furthermore, Brentwood Prep School opted to go with one of our brand new Teacher Walls, otherwise known as our Storage Walls. During the classroom refurbishment process we also provided a washroom refurbishment at the same time to make things go smoothly. 

Following working very closely with Brentwood to make sure that the project went smoothly, as a result both parties were happy with the outcome. We created a brief to help Brentwood achieve their vision, thus leading them to work with us. Previously Brentwood had a miserable classroom, and now finally they have a classroom of which they are proud. Prior to working with BrookhouseUK they were worried that things would go wrong because of a job that went wrong before. Brentwood Prep knew that sooner or later they were going to receive a clean and modern refurbishment project.

Pieces of Furniture


New Kitchen

Storage Walls

Our Solution

Our solution was to craft a modern and contemporary classroom space with new furniture, space, kitchen, washrooms and teacher walls. After creating the design brief and having Brentwood check over the designs we were ready to craft the perfect prep school classroom. In the long run Brentwood would have saved money and space, now they have a lot more space than they did in the first place.

Eddie was managing this project from the beginning to the end, and after managing Brentwood’s expectations from start to finish.

We’re proud to unveil the brand new classroom developed by BrookhouseUK! While we were refurbishing the school we focused on providing Brentwood with great furniture.

Statements That Were True

Prior to using BrookhouseUK they had a lot of space being unused.
Shortly after completing the project we sat down and received feedback.
Brentwood said that previously they had a job go wrong.

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