Library Refurbishments for St Josephs School

St Josephs School approached us for library renovations. As a result they are proud of their brand new library refurbishments completed by the BrookhouseUK installation team.

Library Renovations for St Josephs School

St Josephs School had approached us to create an ICT suite, library refurbishments and library renovations. We were told that they wished to create an environment where students can learn multimedia and language skills in a space that is calm, and prepares them for their future. After only two weeks we had created the perfect environment that embodied the ethos of the school.

They purchased over 250 items of furniture, over 500 metres of storage and over 50 computers to help improve the quality of ICT learning in the school. As a result of these massive upgrades they now have a classroom and library of which they can be proud.

As St Josephs are a smaller school compared to many they were looking for a company that they could fully trust. Having decided to work with BrookhouseUK we then paired them with Eddie one of our experienced and knowledgeable great project managers.


Year Opened

Metres of Storage

Pieces of Furniture

Our Solution

St Josephs School required an attractive new library to be fitted along with an ICT suite; after agreeing the brief with the faculty department we were ready to start. We started by preparing the room, building the walls and painting to give the room a new shine; we then brought in the furniture team to assemble and fit all the furniture in a timely manner. The networking team then worked to configure the cables and make sure that the schools network was setup properly so that they could start using it right away.

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