Bespoke Reception Areas for Wexham High School

Without delay Wexham wanted bespoke reception areas and entrance areas fit. After meeting and discussing Wexham’s needs with BrookhouseUK we agreed on a brief and subsequently the project went ahead.

Bespoke Reception Areas for Wexham High School

Wexham High School approached us as they wanted to completely renovate their high school and wanted many services.For instance; Washroom Refurbishment, Reception Areas, Entrance Areas, Teacher Walls etc. After agreeing the brief and speaking to Eddie, their project manager we agreed the brief and were on our way.

This was a complete solution for the entire school from start to finish. As a result of Wexham being a modern school we wanted to make sure that they were up to date with the best equipment possible to reflect this great school.

Until now Wexham High School had basic equipment and after working with BrookhouseUK to receive better equipment at an affordable price things changed.

Pieces of Furniture

Days Taken

Room Refurbishment

Classroom Fitouts

Washroom refurbishment for Wexham

Wexham was a massive project from start to finish and after working closely with them and renovating the entire school as a result of the their experience.

Working with Wexham High School was great, and learning their needs and requirements to provide them with a compelte turnkey solution to a full school refurbishment was beneficial to our brand.

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