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We’e got over 45 years in providing classroom refurbishment and educational design. Classroom refurb is a fantastic way to maximize engagement within your classroom and make the most out of your space. Working with a dedicated BrookhouseUK project manager you can get the most out of our educational design services.

We’re the Classroom Refurbishment Company

The art of creating a timeless classroom is more important than ever, education has come along way in the last 50 years and it’s important to engage your students and stimulate their learning. Have you currently got a boring classroom and are in dire need of professional classroom refurbishment services? We’re the educational design masters here to help you on your way to increase productivity and student drive by creating an engaging environment for your pupils to thrive in.

As a result of our classroom refurbishment services teachers have seen a drastic improvement in their pupils through having an engaging and interesting environment instead of a grey and dull chalkboard classroom that the world has been use to. Education furniture is something we specialise in, all classroom refurbishment projects should be paired with affordable and reliable educational furniture. Educational Design is pivotal to grading and what pupils get out of their years in education and it’s vital that their environment is as engaging as it can be. It’s not learning when it’s fun.

Contact us if you have any questions, we’re here to help you make learning fun and are prepared to provide our 45 years of experience to help you in your classroom refurbishment projects. We have a wide range of education furniture in our catalogue, go to the education furniture page to learn more!



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Every job we undertake begins with pride. Pride in our work, pride in our history and pride in the feedback we receive.

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