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We’ve got over 45 years in providing school laboratory refurbishment and educational design. Laboratory refurb is a fantastic way to maximize engagement within your laboratory and make the most out of your space. Working with a dedicated BrookhouseUK project manager you can get the most out of our educational design services.

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Having a captivating school laboratory is integral and can help to create an inspirational level of learning and aid your classroom development, it’s key that any school science laboratory refurbishment services are vetted to make sure they can provide the best quality possible.

You can rest easy knowing that your school science laboratory refurbishment is being handled by BrookhouseUK, we will calculate and measure up your existing space and work out the value of space within your laboratory. Throughout the school laboratory refurbishment, we will create intricate plans so that you can be sure your classroom environment does exactly what it needs to.

We will also consider your position within the school laboratory refurbishment. As the teacher you will need to showcase your directions clearly and ensure attention is on you. We can create a focal point so you can communicate with as many pupils as required simultaneously, improving the efficiency of your classes.

When you contact BrookhouseUK we listen to you and your school laboratory refurbishment requirements. As the educator you will have to showcase directions clearly and maintain attention at all times. We can design a captivating school laboratory that will allow you to teach as many pupils as possible while also improving the efficiency of your class laboratory. Creating the best science laboratory refurbishment service is something we’ve been doing for quite some time now, we have over 45 years in educational refurbishment and we’re proud.



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Every job we undertake begins with pride. Pride in our work, pride in our history and pride in the feedback we receive.

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