Fitted Furniture and Equipment for Glan Morfa

We were tasked with providing fitted furniture for Glan Morfa primary school in Wales. We provided Glan Morfa Primary School with FF & E Consultancy services to make sure they get the most out of their fitted furniture and equipment.

Glan Morfa’s Fitted Furniture and Equipment

Glan Morfa Primary School approached us as they felt they needed to refresh their classrooms with new varieties of fitted furniture and equipment. After the FF & E Consultancy stage we worked with Glan Morfa Primary School to assess their requirements. It was clear that they needed to get the best equipment for the money. As a result of fitted furniture the classrooms have been transformed!

During the FF & E Consultancy process we worked through what Glan Morfa Primary School wanted to achieve, they wanted to save space, and provide the children with the best fitted furniture and equipment to them! Making sure that they were happy with our FF & E Consultancy services, they were managed by one of our dedicated BrookhouseUK project managers who was able to provide them with the fitted furniture and equipment.

Pieces of Furniture


Reception Area

Storage Walls

Our Solution

Providing Fittted Furniture and Equipment was a great project and we thoroughly enjoyed working alongside Glan Morfa Primary School for the FF & E Consultancy project. They were great to work with and the project was a huge success. After speaking to our project managers they were happy with the outcome of this project.

We believe that the Fitted Furniture and Equipment we provided the school will be enjoyed for many years to come.


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