Fitted Furniture and Equipment for Glan Morfa

We were tasked with providing fitted furniture for Glan Morfa primary school in Wales. We provided Glan Morfa Primary School with FF & E Consultancy services to make sure they get the most out of their fitted furniture and equipment.

Glan Morfa’s Fitted Furniture and Equipment

Glan Morfa Primary School is located in Cardiff, Wales. They approached us with their desire to renovate their fitted furniture and educational equipment, and we took on the task in a swift and coordinated manner. We understand how important the education sector is, so we worked quickly in order to provide the students with their new, inspiring environment.

Glan Morfa was excited to get on board with our fitted furniture and equipment consultancy stage, as they understood how this can help develop innovative learning environments that suit the learning styles of both students and teachers. After conducting our consultancy services, it became clear to us that Glan Morfa required a cost-effective solution that could suitably upgrade their old equipment in a way that had a positive impact on the students’ ability to learn effectively.

We also learned that the school endeavored to use space utilisation techniques within their refurbishment projects. Space is increasingly becoming an issue within educational environments, and we endeavor to provide organisations with the most innovative solutions to their space-related issues. Once we had discussed and ensured that the client was pleased with our recommendations and the inspirations we were taking on board for the project, we got to work in assigning them with one of our dedicated Brookhouse UK project managers.

Pieces of Furniture


Reception Area

Storage Walls

Our Solution

The organised efforts put forward by our manager allowed us to develop unique solutions, such as hexagonal tables that allow for better collaborative learning. While retaining the utmost levels of functionality using space-saving ideas, we also strive to implement creative solutions wherever we can.

We paired items such as these tables with brightly coloured chairs for the students, adorning the walls and even toilet facilities with vibrant splashes of colour. The impact we had on the school’s overall environment was astounding to staff and students, and we collectively felt the project was a huge success!


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