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With the rising anguish concerning the growing spread of COVID-19, many industries are suffering due to lockdown implementations and concerns about the future. 

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Health Care Industry

As a company with the ability to provide specialist furniture that can benefit the healthcare system, here at Brookhouse UK we are still working hard (from home, wherever possible) to ensure that our vital healthcare services have access to the furniture they require. Treating patients is no small feat, and we are here every step of the way in working with the healthcare industry in order to support them however we can. The never-ending struggles of our doctors, nurses, medical students and carers are crucial to consider at a time like this, and as a company, we are endeavoring to supply the industry with exactly what they need in order to support patients efficiently.

We now have the provisions required in order to supply any medical company or industry organisations with specialist furniture such as storage units, bedside cabinets, and even beds. While this pandemic continues to threaten our vital services, we have shifted our capabilities. Expanding further into the realm of providing medical furniture suitable for use in hospitals and quarantine zones allows us to provide our society with the support that we need right now.

We have previously worked with the NHS, providing them with specialist office furniture that suits the way their employees work. Clean, sterile and practical designs are key to supporting the medical industry at this time, as the functionality remains critical and space is running low. At Brookhouse UK, we have the experience necessary in order to utilise space to its full potential, providing the specialist furniture you need to help patients recover.

If you are interested in any of our specialist healthcare furniture, please get in touch with our team via the contact us page. We’re eager to help the healthcare industry as they make their way through these troubling times.


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Healthcare Furniture Products

These are an example of some of the products that we can offer you at great rates in order to help the healthcare industry fight the unprecedented coronavirus threat.

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