Increasing Employee Morale With Great Office Design

Increasing Employee Morale With Great Office Design

Increasing Employee Morale with Great Office Design

The way you lay out your office can have a transformative impact on the efficiency of your employees, but also how they feel about coming to work each and every day.

Far too often company culture is the only thing considered when it comes to employee morale, but there are a lot of other pieces to this puzzle. Increasing employee morale with great office design is a cornerstone of building a more welcoming, more open, and more collaborative space – and that’s what we hope to help you with and the rest of this quick guide.

Obviously, the physical space and real estate limitations you may be contending with when it comes to your specific office are hurdles and obstacles you’ll have to clear independent of the tips and tricks highlighted below.

At the same time, though, there are always approaches you can take to boost employee morale with intelligent office design.

Let’s dive right in!

Work on Flow First

If you do absolutely nothing else – nothing else entirely – to go about increasing employee morale with great office design other than improving the overall flow of your office you already have handled the bulk of the heavy lifting in this department.

In an ideal situation, you’re able to look at the entirety of your office when it is completely empty – devoid of people and furnishings – to get a feel for how you’d like to set things up and how you’d like things to flow.

In the real world, however, this is rarely the case. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a look at your office after hours (most people have left) and see if the flow is conducive to easy communication, collaboration, and helps to foster efficiency.

Look for stumbling blocks and barriers that negatively impact your space while optimizing flow and you’ll find that employee morale skyrockets almost overnight.

Strategically Locate Collaboration Spaces

The whole “open office” approach has sort of been debunked in the last few years, with study after study showing that it doesn’t actually improve efficiency but instead elevates stress a lot more than expected.

At the same time, the collaborative benefits of open offices definitely is something to look to implement in your office space – even if you aren’t going to be knocking down walls or tearing down cubicles anytime soon.

People still need to feel like they “own” their own little corner of real estate in the office but there should be spaces that have been clearly and strategically located as team work areas and collaboration zones. The spaces should almost always only ever be used when collaboration is necessary, giving these physical spaces and atmosphere that helps to elevate collaboration and sort of “triggers” that kind of teamwork effort, too.

Implement these design decisions the next time that you get a chance to overhaul your office and you’ll find efficiency, morale, and the general happiness of your employees and your team increases immediately.

Inviting Reception Design

Inviting Reception Design

The reception designs of a school or business often reflects the representation of the bodies that inhabit them. These can be used to improve an academy or businesses mark and provide a luxurious, original and creative reception area design for pupils and colleagues accessing the organisation.

We help to create a notion around personalities and their actions, giving new items of furniture that can survive up to substantial foot traffic usually linked with these conditions. We can provide a wide range of new and creative education furniture for your new reception area design for your school.

reception design | reception area design for wexham

Inspiring and inviting reception areas for businesses by BrookhouseUK, incorporates prestigious design and experience by our project managers. We provide creative reception area creations and have a vested interest in your project. You must go into your new reception design project with a clear idea of what you want your reception area to achieve.

Reception areas can be a great way to get more information to your potential customers, clients, or pupils! Fill your reception area with infographics, pictures and more to help give them information about your industry. Uplift your reception areas with an interactive whiteboard to make your reception area design really attract!

What’s better than having a reception area design that looks fascinating? Having a reliable school or business reception area that has proper storage and practicality! We can work with you to create the perfect reception design for your establishment, one that brings your environment to life. We can help you from the ground up to bring your ideas to life and give you the reception area that you want.

If you’re interested in one of our fantastic reception area projects, you can get in touch with us via the contact page. For a reference of reception areas that we have finished before, please see our case studies page, and if you’re after inspiration, please visit our inspirations page!

School Library Refurbishment

School Library Refurbishment

Riveting School Library Refurbishment is step one to creating an environment that can create memories. Visualise you’re hacking your way through a sinister jungle, or running for your life through an antique temple.

Long gone are the times of tedious libraries and uninspiring stories. School library refurbishment is something we understand and admire, we can create you a library that delights, stimulates and uplifts your pupils.

When you commence work with BrookhouseUK, you get the continued care that you wouldn’t get from any other school library refurbishment provider. Everyone knows that comfort is essential in a library, that’s why our chairs are all ergonomic, and our seating is tranquil!

Divulging into a relaxing and artistic atmosphere should make reading more captivating and engaging. Find yourself lost in a good book in a riveting school library refurbishment project by BrookhouseUK. Why not have different parts of your library spliced into multiple areas, separated by the author? We have plenty of examples on our inspirations page!

Having a wide range of education furniture available to kit your library out with a fantastic school library refurbishment service.

We create contemporary and vibrant designs that are efficient and appealing with unique and intelligent storage solutions to make use of your available space.

Working with several IT companies to be able to add a small IT suite into your school library refurbishment, make the library the ‘go-to’ area in your school! Being a trusted library furniture specialist, we can provide any and all furniture and stations to your library.

A sound library should be an area that is trusting, inviting and stimulating, we create innovative library interiors that can reflect your ethos. Our library design and development is tailored to your needs, with flexible layouts and the promise of maximising your available space!

Check out our case studies page to find more information about school library refurbishment and how it can help your pupils!

Why Are Teacher Walls On The Rise?

Why Are Teacher Walls On The Rise?

Teacher Wall for Launcelot. Another great teacher storage wall

We’ve been getting a lot of questions lately, and one of the more frequent ones is what are teacher walls and teacher storage walls, and why are they becoming so popular? We’ve prepared a few bits of information to help you know whether getting a teacher storage wall is a good idea or not!

Teacher Walls are a fantastic product which allows your teachers to turn any part of their room into an excellent and practical media or storage wall, or both! There are many names associated with these products, such as’ ‘Teacher Storage Walls’, ‘Media Walls’, and of course ‘Storage Walls’. It doesn’t matter what you call them, all that matters is how much of a great addition to your classroom they are. Resilient, sturdy and stylish, they’re here to last!

Teacher Walls, make classes more space-friendly. Instead of cluttered storage units distributed around the classroom.

Teaching Storage Walls can free up space around your classroom, allowing for more curricular activities! If you’re struggling with making your classroom distraction-free, then you could benefit from storage walls.

There isn’t just one type of teacher walls for one classroom; all of our storage walls are custom and bespoke to you! Edges, Ridges and Corners aren’t a problem when dealing with our dedicated installation team!

Pairing your bespoke teacher storage wall with an interactive whiteboard, or interactive UHD board allows you to create and maintain your students, and pupils attention with up to 32 users simultaneously. The new range of Triumph Board’s can connect straight into our new range of walls easily, and with hardly any installation!

All aspects of your design can be customised, and the wall is entirely bespoke. We can work closely with your school to make sure that everything suits your styles, classroom organisation and storage needs!

We manufacture our parts and create our on-site in Hemel Hempstead, and we can work closely with you to develop your specification that suits your needs. You can relax knowing that a UK company close to home is taking care of your classroom environment.

Every one of our teacher walls has a finish, and colour option that can be changed to suit your colour scheme! You can choose from a range of colours and patterns, shapes too! If you’d like to learn more about storage walls, and other services then go to our case studies page!

Dynamic Staffroom Refurbishment

Dynamic Staffroom Refurbishment

We write a lot about how we can make the daily lives of your pupils better. We’ve realised we have been neglecting staff members! Teachers and faculty deserve a dynamic and creative staffroom for their everyday use! Here at BrookhouseUK, we have been providing staffroom refurbishment for years, creating the perfect relaxation and productivity rooms after a long day of teaching!

We have recently completed a staffroom refurbishment project at Ark Bolton lately and are continually looking to enhance our creative portfolio! Ark Bolton needed a productive and relaxing staffroom refurbishment service for their teachers and faculty.

We decided to fit as many comfortable units of furniture, chairs, tables, desks and fit a kitchen area for the teachers and staff to relax.

What exactly do we mean by Dynamic?

All staffroom refurbishment projects we undertake have the potential to be used for many numbers of uses. Our staffroom refurbishment services is an investment in creating a relaxing environment for you and your staff. Your staffroom may need to be a different room one day, thus we try to make all of our rooms multi-functional!

We work with you throughout your Staffroom Refurbishment

at BrookhouseUK we develop with you to create the vision you’ve designed, we can aid you with all aspects of the design and build from the very first discussion.

Staffroom refurbishment projects can give you a fantastic way to develop your school, they can be a great way to give masses of information to your workforce all at once. Your staffroom is likely to be used by every single member of faculty, thus allowing it to be a great place to relay information on that’s important!

If you have any questions please contact us via the contact page, if you would like to see previous work we have completed, please view the case studies or inspirations page!