Stylish ICT Suite Refurbishment

Stylish ICT Suite Refurbishment

Are you currently looking for fashionable ICT suite refurbishment? We are partners with various computer organisations so that we can fulfil the technology as well as create stylish ICT suites for you.

Our dedicated Brookhouse project managers are on-hand to advise and develop your project from the ground up. There are many aspects of ICT suite refurbishment, such as equipment, wiring, design, and storage!
Pair your new stylish ICT suites with a fantastic Interactive UHD Board from Triumph Board to captivate and engage your students.

Our dedicated installation team can fit any of our affordable and reliable education furniture for your brand new stylish ICT suites.

Wiring can be an utter pain in ICT suites. We pride ourselves on our unique cable management capabilities and continuously look to be more creative every time. We work with IT companies to provide quality network bridges, switches and extenders to make interconnectivity within your stylish ICT suites easier!

We have created new stylish ICT suites in schools all over the country and pride ourselves on our ability to deliver unique designs in every suite we refurbish.

stylish ict suites for your school

BrookhouseUK believes that it’s best to provide the very best service available; this means working with you to create your vision. We operate on a step, design, step design process to make sure that your opinions are valued on every level.

If you’d like to see our previous work, please go to our case studies page, or view our inspirations page to help you get an idea of what we can do.

With a vibrant and ever-flowing history of refurbishment projects and actively work very closely with the schools. It’s important that your new stylish ICT suites are designed with efficiency in mind. We work closely with headteachers, and faculty staff to learn their needs and requirements with every project!

Inspiring School Lab Refurbishment

Inspiring School Lab Refurbishment

Working with schools and education centres all over the nation, we have chosen to highlight school lab refurbishments this month. We can present you with a complete turn-key solution for all your school lab refurbishment requirements.

Are you interested in improving your school laboratory with BrookhouseUK? We can produce a compelling and inspirational learning space for your students to take up science and experience the curiosities of physics, biology and chemistry with an imaginative school laboratory refurbishment.

Develop the future Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein and Steven Hawkings with a bespoke school lab refurbishment project. Getting students involved and interested in science can be hard; however, engaging and captivating their attention within a comfortable school laboratory can make the task easier!

Working alongside one of our dedicated project managers, you can see your school science laboratory brought to life. Let your students experience the phenomena of science in a school laboratory that suits their needs.

We have planned and produced many school laboratory rooms in schools all over the United Kingdom. Whether you’re after complete school laboratory refurbishment or just need a few tips and tricks, we can help!

We can fit new desks, interactive whiteboards, comfortable chairs, bunsen burners and more! We have a dedicated project manager, ready to speak to you about your upcoming project.

Case Studies for School Lab Refurbishment

We have designed and created many laboratories over the past few years and have built up a wealth of inspirational designs ready for you to check out on our case study page, and our inspirations page!

We have a few case studies on our website that highlight our ability within school laboratory refurbishment. Take a look at our case studies page to find out more information regarding our previous work.

If you’re interested in expanding your current school laboratory, give us a telephone call on 845 383 0050 or get hold of us on the contact page and one of our dedicated project managers will be in touch!

Inspiring Engagement with Interactive UHD Boards

Inspiring Engagement with Interactive UHD Boards

Imagine an English lesson. A stuffy classroom, pale wallpaper, and an anxious atmosphere. With children, heads down in their books as their teacher reels off inspirational quotes… Desperate to ring just one ounce of engagement from their lesson weary class. The unruly students, frantic to return to the sensory overload of the latest call of duty, or FIFA iteration on their shiny gaming console.

The introduction of interactive UHD boards into the educational sector has provided a big boost in engagement greater than ever before. Children today are switched on by technology; hard-wired to engage with modern interfaces more than any generation… Equipping your classroom with a smartboard is a great way to generate learning flow resulting in better grades, and happier pupils.

Teachers and students alike can join in engaging educational scenarios like never before, fostering positivity and focus; which relates directly to one thing: results. Display high-quality video and slideshows, in addition to annotating in real-time. Connect tablet PC’s into the system to enhance interactive collaborative group tasks, then evaluate and archive your lessons through seamless screen recording and sharing…

The possibilities of Triumph Board‘s latest flagship model of the Interactive UHD Board are literally endless. You can evolve your classroom into a haven for learning. Studios show that children learn easier when they’re engaged. Triumph Board’s ability to engage children’s attention is well perceived.

5 Office Relocation Mistakes That Cost You Money!

5 Office Relocation Mistakes That Cost You Money!

Office relocation services can be stressful! If you’re after help moving office then read this article! There are so many elements that need to be monitored and adapted to make sure that the process is as simplistic as possible, you may only need office space planning services. We, BrookhouseUK, are experts at office relocation management and we’re here to provide you with 5 mistakes that are going to cost YOU money.

Office relocation is an exciting time and presents a great opportunity to review and determine if your current office spaces are fit for purpose. There is a lot of advice out there online, some of it is helpful, and others slightly less so. Are you after help moving office? we’re here to help! We’re going to try and present 45 years’ worth of educational and office refurbishment into 5 simple steps to save you capital!

office space planning services checklis

There are lots of aspects that need to be reviewed for instance; what are you going to do for furniture options? There are even bespoke office furniture companies out there If that’s something you’re after? Managing your space is an important aspect of office relocation. Are you moving because you didn’t have enough space? If so; it’s important you look into free office space planning services as it could help you save space and you may not even need to move office at all!

Consider Local Positives

When looking at office relocation it’s important that it’s for the many and not for the few. A lot of times people already have a rather long commute time. Long commute times have a direct correlation with employee satisfaction levels, some employees may want to move to be closer to work, thus providing additional stress. It’s important to make sure that the following aspects are looked into:

  • Commute Times
  • Public Transport
  • Accessibility
  • Staff Parking
  • Broadband Coverage
  • Local amenities
  • Rent/ Living Costs
  • Local Schools

You may find it hard to find the right balance in maintaining the above list, but there are office relocation services out there that can help you manage the above.

If employees are unhappy because of the longer commute times and lesser facilities readily available to them, it has a direct impact on employee productivity rates thus costing YOU money!

Office Relocation Services? WHO?

Choosing the right office relocation company can be awkward and tedious, we’ve compiled a list of things that you need to keep in mind when choosing the right office relocation service.

  • Experience
  • Reputation
  • Accreditations
  • Financial Stability
  • Safety Records
  • Solid Testimonials

These six factors should help you choose the right office relocation company for you.

Once you’ve compiled a short list of office relocation companies, show it to your colleagues and peers, work through it together to find the right service for you.

Bespoke Office Furniture Companies lots of chairs do you need help moving office?

Bespoke Office Furniture Companies? What does it mean?

BRANDING! Why is it always the last thing that changes? – Getting your new office’s address in front of your respected clients has never been more important! Dispose of your old stationery, marketing materials and more and replace it with upgraded and updated stationery that has your latest address. Most companies tend to upgrade branding, equipment, furniture options and more!

Show off your new office with some brand new equipment!

Giving customers your outdated address is money down the drain!

It is important that you get someone on this as soon as possible as it makes a big difference for clients to see a progressive business rise. It’s important that you manage your space with office space planning services. These free space planning services can help you save space, in return saving YOU money!

Communication During Office Relocation

Another aspect that tends to get overlooked is staff. During an office relocation it’s important that everyone is kept in the loop. You do not want staff going to the office come launch day!

Keeping staff in the loop during the moving process is important as it can encourage involvement, we want our employees to be interested in business progression.

It’s important to thank employees for their patience, take a moment out of your schedule to set a meeting with them and make sure they’re OK. Employee satisfaction can take a hit during a process like this.

Buy them lunch! It’s a great way to solidify the relationship as you enter a new chapter in your business.

Don’t Forget About IT!

If you’re a 21st century business that has broadband, and deals with transactions on the daily it’s important that you never forget IT. It’s often overlooked. IT can play a pivotal part in any business and it’s important that they’re transferring all office technical equipment well in advance to make sure the move is seamless.

Often there is a lot of technical wastage that gets dumped on an office relocation job. It’s important that IT can arrange the recycling and disposal of unneeded computers and it may be a good idea to donate them. That always goes down well in the books! It might be nice to treat IT to some new desks!

Are you having a stressful time with your office relocation? Let us know and we can give you advice and more!

We hope this information has been helpful. Moving offices can be rewarding if managed correctly, it allows you to take a look at your daily runnings, furniture options, management and employees to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Food Technology Rooms – William Ellis

Food Technology Rooms – William Ellis

William Ellis Food Technology Rooms

William Ellis approached as as they wanted to expand upon their food technology quality at their school. Eager to install some new food technology rooms they went with BrookhouseUK.

Upon the new release of our website, as highlighted in our other news article here. In addition to providing William Ellis with all the FF & E (Fixed Furniture and Equipment) we fit everything and managed the project from step one, to twenty.

Inspiring the future Marco Pierre-Whites‘s, Gordon Ramsey‘s and the Heston Blumenthal‘s of the world. Working with William Ellis was a breeze and discovering the needs and wants of them made the project interesting. Subsequently making the project an interesting one.

Firstly we were given what equipment they needed and the budget. Secondly the brief was approved. Thirdly work started instantly. William Ellis wanted to expand upon their rooms and opted for more Food Technology Rooms to be installed. The benefit of having food tech rooms installed by BrookhouseUK was seen almost immediately.