As the number of innovations being made within the educational sector increase drastically, many schools are adapting to impending changes and requirements. Particularly in cities such as London, space utilisation becomes a more significant issue. Fortunately, classroom designers and refurbishment companies have been working on new ways that will revolutionise the ways we save space within the classroom. This is one area of design that has become exponentially more important recently.

Due to current events, schools are being required to operate under social distancing measures. In environments where it is difficult to space students out in a safe way, this can become stressful and have an impact on students’ learning abilities. That’s why our current focus is on finding safe ways to transform classrooms for the lessons of tomorrow. Design has always played an important role in transforming the ways we live. The way our environment is structured has a huge impact upon how we interact with it – and with others.

As space saving solutions are the next big thing in educational design, we look towards new ways of doing more with less. Brookhouse UK has been leading the way forward in developing innovative classroom solutions for the past few years. One of the significant new designs they have been implementing is that of the “teacher wall”. As their refurbishment efforts are becoming increasingly popular, other schools within the London area are beginning to notice how effective these new designs are for both students and teachers – so they’re requesting more and more teacher walls.

What is a Teacher Wall?

After reading this first introduction, you may be asking yourself… What exactly is a teacher wall? It’s essentially a modular storage solution, designed to fit into a particular space within the classroom that suits your needs best. Instead of having ineffectively placed cupboards that don’t fit well in your designated spaces, the teacher wall is a solution that is carefully designed to save space.

Space for the teaching essentials such as interactive smart boards and projectors can also be included in some teacher walls. This creates a cohesive design that is focused on achieving educational success. As we know, all classrooms and educational spaces differ in size. We have therefore adapted our teacher wall designs to become modular, meaning we can successfully install a new teacher wall in any designated space! This level of innovation and adaptability is something we have refined over the past few years. Teacher walls have become more popular throughout the schools we refurbish, and we have focused on installing them for over 45 years.

How do Teacher Walls Change the Classroom Environment?

Every design choice we make within the classroom has an impact on day-to-day educational life in some manner. The teacher wall provides perhaps the most significant transformation… With its sectional design features, we can create bespoke teacher walls that are designed with your needs in mind. Accessibility is key, as we understand everyone needs to be able to reach what they need. The most important teaching tools become much easier to find.

That’s why organisation is one leading element behind the teacher wall. Nobody likes to waste precious time searching for things we need to do our jobs. With the teacher wall, everything has its own designated space. This means all our equipment fits into the educational environment in a way that allows you to find things with ease. Labelling systems also come in handy here, as you get to grips with your new organisational systems. However, over time, you’ll come to wonder how you ever coped without your teacher wall. We can guarantee that the changes made to any classroom will be instantly beneficial to your teaching systems, and here’s how… 

Why Do London Schools Benefit from Installing Teacher Walls?

In London, as with most cities, space can become limited within the classroom. This means schools are having to find new ways to adapt to their environments. Teacher walls are a great way to save space in an effective manner. They cut down on clutter and allow students to focus on their educational progress. Limit distractions by installing a clean, fresh looking teacher wall. Everyone that interacts with the classroom will reap the benefits.

In understanding how students learn and adapt, we have designed our teacher walls in ways that can benefit various schools. We work closely with each school in order to bring them exactly what they’re looking for in their end result. Many times, we go above and beyond in providing them with innovative solutions that they may have never even considered. This has a great benefit on each classroom environment and the educational success of students.

Another benefit is that we know it’s important to make the classroom a safe, clean space – particularly as current events continue to unfold… A smooth, sleek teacher wall is an effective way to store all your classroom essentials, from stationery to files and students’ work. Easy to wipe down surfaces reduce the potential for germs and enhance cleaning effectiveness. We understand that cleanliness and hygiene are becoming a significantly more important issue, and we are dedicated to focusing on the safety of the products we develop for each and every one of our clients.

How a Teacher Wall Can be Adapted to Suit Your Classroom

Our teacher walls are adaptable and can be modified in order to suit what your classroom needs. For example, the height, width and shape of your cupboards and storage systems can be carefully engineered to suit your requirements. This gives classrooms a great advantage, particularly as we are the specialists in observing how teachers and students interact with their classrooms.

Want a specific drawer for a particular item? Done. Want your smart board to fit snugly in the centre of your teacher wall? We can do that. Add-ons, such as seating, plug sockets, and customisable services are the perfect way to personalise any classroom. Make your life just that little bit easier, with the teacher wall.

Brookhouse UK’s Teacher Walls

If reading this has piqued your interest concerning teacher walls, and you think your classrooms may benefit – get in touch with Brookhouse UK. Despite the uncertain times we’re all going through, Brookhouse UK are continuing to innovate and design new environments for schools. With their unceasing dedication to the educational design sector, their motivated designers are passionate about finding new ways to adapt. Education is of the utmost importance to what we do. That’s why Brookhouse UK aim to make modern education as safe and comfortable as possible.

Many of their designs feature space utilising techniques, which are a great way to open up the classroom and allow for social distancing while learning. As the current situation we’re going through continues to change the way we will live, it’s important that you find the right design company that can help alleviate worries. Finding new design solutions that reduce social contact through providing enough space in the classroom is becoming the next big task for many educational facilities. Talk to us today about our design solutions and how we can help you move forward. You can visit our portfolio to see some of the past teacher wall designs we have implemented. You can also read about the success of our refurbishments in our case studies.