Office Redesign for Clipper & Sekura

Clipper and Sekura got in touch with us earlier this year as they required a complete office refresh. After completing the office redesign it was clear of the improvement.

Office refresh BrookhouseUK style for Clipper & Sekura

Clipper and Sekura are both part of a collective that provide ticketing and labelling products for retail brands across the continent. They desired a complete renovation of their office spaces; a complete overhaul of their workspaces designed to support the uplifting vibe that aligned with their recent accomplishments.


Upon completion of the re-design, the enhancement of communal workspaces and the positive impact our refurbishment had on their office environment was immediately evident to all who were familiar with the space.

Clipper and Sekura requested our services earlier this year as they anticipated the creation of modern yet functional spaces that aligned with their philosophy and further inspired their enthusiastic workforce. The desire for a total re-design of their offices was prompted by the growing accomplishments of their businesses. They felt it was essential that their workspaces should evolve to remain in sync with their accomplishments as a company.

Providing a workspace for employees that cultivates a positive working environment is essential to the success of a business. After they had heard great things about us at BrookhouseUK from one of our long-standing and extremely satisfied clients, Clipper and Sekura invited us to design a new atmosphere that aspired to motivate their workforce towards new triumphs.

Eating Areas

Office Desks

Executive Offices

Conference Rooms

BrookhouseUK Office

Unit 8, Easter Park, Axial Way, Colchester, Essex, CO4 5WY

Head Office

Unit 3, Noble House, Eaton Road, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, HP2 7UB

Distribution Centre

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