Enriching the Classroom Experience with Titan Chairs for Schools

Titan School Chairs are Reliable, affordable and durable, making a fantastic addition to your school.


Pupils spend the majority of their school day sat on the chairs provided for them. Whether they’re trying to concentrate on a maths problem, or reaching over the table to help complete a creative team project… It goes without saying that comfort is key in enhancing learning potential. Alongside this, comes the safety consideration. Finding the perfect balance between safety and comfort isn’t easy, but we’ve found just the solution.

Every school needs robust, ergonomic chairs for their students. Titan chairs provide just that, and more. Here’s what Titan chairs can do for your school.

Child Proof Ergonomics

Children are clumsy and playful. As educational specialists, you’ll be all too familiar with just how much child proof furniture is a necessity. Titan chairs are designed to be anti-tilt, reducing the risk of accidents and falls in the classroom. They also feature round edges and corners, so there’s no sharp edges to worry about.

Sturdy One Piece Design

Constructed from just one piece of durable polypropylene, Titan have managed to craft these chairs to last. The quality polypropylene material is durable and difficult to scratch, avoiding unsightly vandalism. The plastic legs also don’t make unattractive marks on the floor as they’re moved around. Lightweight and convenient to move around, Titan chairs also incorporate an ergonomic carry handle in each seat.

Perfecting Pupils’ Postures

Titan chairs are ergonomically designed to protect the postures of your students. Human centred design and usability is at the forefront of all educational furniture by Titan, and their efforts really stand out. These ergonomic educational chairs incorporate a functional S – shaped silhouette to keep students comfortable. As they enjoy their new comfortable and ergonomic chairs, they’re likely to become more productive and concentrate further on their studies.


All New Titan Chairs Available Now

Please take a look at our latest catalogue, containing all of the most up to date prices for 2020.

Tamper Proof Durability

With the one-piece design offering a multitude of benefits, we’re embracing the fact that Titan chairs are also tamper proof. Children love to wreak havoc upon their surroundings, whether they’re fiddling with loose screws, or simply being kids. The one-piece design means no loose parts, and no broken chairs. Titan chairs’ extreme durability means they’re here to last.

Space Saving Stacking

Titan chairs are exceptionally functional in a number of ways. Both while in use by students, or stacked up and put away… It’s evident that these chairs are designed with space saving techniques in mind. Stack up to 15 chairs high, due to the careful consideration of stacking abilities. This allows you to save huge amounts of space in the classroom as you utilise areas in other effective ways, enhancing the educational experience.

A Variety of Choices

The wide choice of Titan chair colours means you can choose a selection of colourways that suit your classroom. Choose from a range of 7 colourways, from energy boosting lime to deep purple. Furthermore, they’ve extended your options with a range of 6 chair heights to choose from.

15 Year Guarantee

There’s a 15 year factory guarantee on all Titan chairs. This means if you’re not satisfied with the product over time, you’ll be reimbursed accordingly.

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