Commercial Office Refurbishment for Greenmill AC

Greenmill AC approached us for commercial office refurbishment a few months back and after agreeing which commercial refurbishments they’d like, we arrived to begin work. In this case we offered them no obligation phone call.

Commercial Refurbishment by BrookhouseUK

Working with Greenmill AC was great, they knew exactly what they wanted to do and it took only a few meetings to get the ball rolling.

Because of the size of the building the Health & Safety requirements were particularly stringent. To ensure that all aspects of Health & Safety were covered our Senior Health & Safety Officer attended the site before work commenced and agreed on specific measures to ensure the site would be safe at all times.

Another way we could have made more changes at this project was by bringing more conceptual designers with us.
Commercial office refurbishment was something Greenmill AC approached us for a few months before.

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Our space planners and designers working together was critical; as a result of this we hire only the best. Following an internal brainstorming meeting, the designs started coming together and we were truly excited at how the space was transforming! After a meeting with the fire inspector and building engineer, we were given the go ahead to proceed with our plans. Greenmill AC themselves were sceptical as to whether it was going to be possible to achieve such a great result in line with our proposals due to being let down in the past! Furthermore; for Greenmill AC the commercial office refurbishment was a massive project.

Firstly, we felt that the offices needed more natural light so we installed four large windows to achieve the desired result.  Secondly, we installed the server and then the data cabling. Thirdly, we built new conference room areas and a reception area using glass screening. Finally, we installed the kitchen with instant boiling water taps, two ovens, dishwashers, fridges and freezers. The roof space was then sprayed using the latest technology to create a stunning effect to add a highlight to the commercial refurbishment. After completing the commercial refurbishments for Greenmill we sat down and received feedback.

Greenmill AC have been so pleased with the result that the directors have been contemplating separating the new breakout area and using this as their new offices! As a result of our unique designs, the directors are now ‘fighting’ over who gets to have the bigger office! At the end of the project we carried out a customer review and Greenmill AC were very happy with the way the project went.

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