Imagine an English lesson. A stuffy classroom, pale wallpaper, and an anxious atmosphere. With children, heads down in their books as their teacher reels off inspirational quotes… Desperate to ring just one ounce of engagement from their lesson weary class. The unruly students, frantic to return to the sensory overload of the latest call of duty, or FIFA iteration on their shiny gaming console.

The introduction of interactive UHD boards into the educational sector has provided a big boost in engagement greater than ever before. Children today are switched on by technology; hard-wired to engage with modern interfaces more than any generation… Equipping your classroom with a smartboard is a great way to generate learning flow resulting in better grades, and happier pupils.

Teachers and students alike can join in engaging educational scenarios like never before, fostering positivity and focus; which relates directly to one thing: results. Display high-quality video and slideshows, in addition to annotating in real-time. Connect tablet PC’s into the system to enhance interactive collaborative group tasks, then evaluate and archive your lessons through seamless screen recording and sharing…

The possibilities of Triumph Board‘s latest flagship model of the Interactive UHD Board are literally endless. You can evolve your classroom into a haven for learning. Studios show that children learn easier when they’re engaged. Triumph Board’s ability to engage children’s attention is well perceived.