Brookhouse Furniture & Interiors 2022

Furniture and interiors division of the HBS Group of Companies Email : [email protected] Website : Is your establishment suffering from echos and excessive noise levels? Could this be hindering the learning and behaviour of your students? Contact the team to discuss how our acoustic solutions can: Reduce noise levels by 40% Improve teaching and learning Improve the usability of your walls and create inspiring rooms Have you ever felt you need more storage? Do you never seem to have enough space for storage? Is your storage always a little untidy? Do you wish you could keep it neat and out of sight? Why not look at purpose built storage that fits your space – this could be floor to ceiling, could incorporate media, have drywipe surface across the entire wall and even store all your storage trays. Contact the team to discuss a storagewall or teacherwall for your exact space. TEACHERWALL/ STORAGEWALL As a distributor of the Triumph Board and an installer of fitted teacherwalls, we can offer a complete turnkey package including the electrical and data works within the teacherwall. Brookhouse UK are proud to be the UK distributor for the Triumph Board. The Triumph range is recommended within the market and offers many additional benefits to other manufacturers. Contact No : 0345 383 0050 TRIUMPH BOARDS ACOUSTICS